Office and work spaces, retail and representative spaces.

Business premises are an essential part of a company’s brand. The space’s functionality and aesthetic give both the clientele and the staff, a sense of comfort and that they’re profoundly valued. A meticulously designed space makes working for employees more productive, caters to every need of the customer, strengthens the brand and leads to a more profitable and overall more successful business.


Interior design for homes, from styling to full remodels and renovations. Kitchen and bathroom design.

The baseline of a design are always the wants and needs of the client. The design process focuses on the available space and its function, while taking into account its already existing architecture. We believe that spaces closely designed together with our clients create the most efficient and functional spaces, custom made for the client.

Product Design

Product Design

Custom made furniture, light fixtures and jewelry.

Occasionally a project may need a unique piece of furniture or light fixture. We take care that you get exactly the product you need; may it concern the aesthetic, storage solutions or product design, we design and manufacture exactly what you need.







Kehrä Interior Oy is an interior architect office established in 2009 and owned by interior architect Heini Lehto.

Our company is specialized in home interior design, as well as commercial space design. With twenty years of experience we create high quality interiors with our professional team of interior designers, architects and contractors. Our design work may consist of large scale conceptual designs such as remodels, layout solution plans, space use plans, lighting- and color plans; or styling where we provide you with material, textile and furniture plans. To us a successful design is a functional, cost efficient space, that gives just the right sense of space in a harmonious and inviting manner.

Since the establishment of our company we have designed and actualized more than a hundred different home designs and remodels. In addition to this we also have a large amount of design experience in a variety of different types of commercial spaces. Some of our reference customers are: The Research Vessel Aranda, the Sarfvik Golf Club remodel, GF Money headquarters, LUXUSm2 headquarters, A-Lehti lobby and SOK’s main office’s conference rooms.

Our companie’s strong experience in different styles, materials and enduring design form timeless and stylish interiors. The outcome is a design that showcases both the client’s personality and flawless functionality, together with our team’s passion for art, craft and working materials.

To learn more please view our Pinterest portfolio and contact us. Let’s make you’re plans a reality together!


Guardian of The Baltic Sea

Guardian of the Baltic Sea  is a charity line of jewelry designed by Kehrä Interior. From every piece purchased a donation of 40 euros goes straight to BSAG the Baltic Sea Action Group, a charity group that protects the Baltic Sea. In September 2013 our first goal of 100 000 euros to this charity was reached and the money donated to BSAG. We continue the work with a new goal – become a member of the charity chain and learn more about this project at




Heini Lehto

Interior Architect SIO

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Interior Architect
Hanna-Marie Naukkarinen

Hanna-Marie Naukkarinen

Interior Architect SIO

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